John Schulte for Mark Fox for City Council, Ward 1

I met Mark a little over five years ago when he was serving one of his terms as President of Audubon Neighborhood Association (ANA). It was a time when criminals were running rampant along Central Ave., Lowry Ave., Polk St., and many other parts of NE.

It happened during a block meeting that was organized because a husband and wife got jumped while walking to Walgreens by a gang of criminal girls that had been terrorizing the neighborhood for months.

It was at this meeting that I volunteered to start a walking group that eventually lead into the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP). Mark was the very first one that came up to me and said he would walk with me. This took guts because we had a lot of gang, prostitution and drug dealer activity in the area and everyone new some of them were violent. While others were complaining...Mark started doing.

My Thoughts on Political Endorsements

Every political candidate has the opportunity to seek endorsements from parties, action committees and interest groups. You don’t have to find them; they find you. There are many advantages to winning organizational endorsements. Recognition, volunteer and technical support, and most of all, money.

I decided I would seek no organizational endorsements. Even from groups who are promoting issues close to my heart. It puts me at a disadvantage as a campaigner. I have to operate on a tiny budget, and learn a lot things that “connected” people already know.

But I believe it will make me a better Council Member. I will not owe any special interest any special consideration. I want everyone to feel they have access to their representative. I will not be “bought out” or “paid off”. I am in nobody’s pocket. Any person or group who has a concern should be heard, with all as equals.

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