About Mark Fox

I have followed an uncommon path and am often hard for people to categorize. Rather than label myself or craft a fluffy candidate bio, here are some things you might find relevant in considering me as a City Council candidate:

Things I have volunteered to do:

  • Audubon Neighborhood Association
    — I’ve been a part of nearly everything ANA has accomplished over the past decade
    — 2 Terms as Association President, 2 terms as Treasurer
    — Currently Chair of Land Use Committee and member of our Housing Committee
    — Spearheaded the Central Avenue Area Task Force, which led to the adoption of our Neighborhood Master Plan
    — Wrote ANA’s NRP Phase 2 Neighborhood Action Plan
    — Created ANA’s Security Rebate Program which has been used as a model by several other neighborhoods
    — Established financial policies for the organization
    — Led the effort to adopt a set of neighborhood standards
    — Obtained grant for and coordinated our Latino housing survey and outreach
    — 7 years service on Communications Committee
  • Hollywood Task Force(s)
    — I’ve been part of every effort since 2001 trying to bring this landmark alive
  • Northeast Citizen Patrol
    — I was the first volunteer to join
    — I’ve spent thousands of hours on patrol throughout every Northeast neighborhood (Third Ward, too!)
  • Member of NECP’s First Ward Problem Properties Team
    — We’ve brought together Police and Probation Officers, Inspections, Licensing, the PPU,
         the City Attorney, CCP/SAFE, the Fire Department and the NE Chamber of Commerce
         to resolve more than 30 properties over the past 2 years
  • I maintain the Eastside Defender, a website of crime and safety news covering the 2nd Precinct
  • Member of the Northeast Lions Club
    — Treasurer
    — Charitable Gaming Audit Committee
  • Community Engagement Task Force
    — I was the only vote against sending the CETF report to the City Council
  • Hearts & Hammers
    — Helped 20 residents in Beltrami and Audubon stay in their homes

Things I have been paid to do:

  • Advertising Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Bookkeeping
  • Project Management
  • Mail-order Sales

Miscellaneous Personal Info:

  • I earned a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Geography from the University of Minnesota
  • I haved lived in Minnneapolis for my entire life, except for thirteen months when I lived 100 feet outside the border in a St. Anthony Village apartment.
  • I have never married and have no children.
  • I am an avid bicyclist, but not a bike nut. I wish I could ride more.
  • I am an active stock investor and trader. I understand financial statements.
  • I graduated from De La Salle High School on Nicollet Island.

If there’s anything you want to know about me, just ask.