Garage Grilling

In case you’re not home when I make it to your front door, here are my answers to the Garage Grilling (from Joe Soucheray on AM1500):

1. Which section of the paper do you read first?
I decided the paper wasn’t worth reading years ago. I used to subscribe to the Sunday edition for the Vikings pregame coverage. And for the coupons.

2. Can the Government solve most of our problems?
The government can’t solve ANY of our problems. Government is just a subset of us, the people, anyway. Being elected or hired by City Hall doesn’t make you into some magical animal above the common man.

3. Have you ever attended the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs?

Yes, several times as part of being a neighborhood volunteer. And I was insulted every time I went.

4. In thirty words or less, why are you running?
City Hall has to stop taxing people out of their homes. To maintain our quality of life, we have to do more good for each other without using tax dollars.

5. Do you believe in limiting the growth of Government to the Personal Income Index?
Only after we shrink it by cutting out all the silly stuff first.

6. If you could have dinner with anyone who has ever lived, who would it be?
Winston Churchill

7. What is the difference between Macro and Micro Economics?
Micro studies individuals and firms. Macro pretends to understand and predict infinite individual choices.

8. Other than Karl Marx, Name one economist.
Ludwig von Mises

9. If you have held a public office, how long have you served, and name your five best accomplishments.

I'm new to the elected game.

10. In the early 1930s, when Winston Churchill warned Europe about Hitler and the German war machine, people thought that he was crazy. Would you let people think that you were crazy if you believe that you're right?

I’m not afraid to be called crazy. See my answer to #3.

11. Would you take a pay-cut to solve our budget problems?

12. Have you ever sued anyone?

13. Would you ever euphumize Unemployment Compensation into "reemployment insurance"?

You’re kidding, right? No.

14. Will you limit yourself to less than four terms in office, and be willing to sign a public proclamation saying so?

Hell yes! I want to serve, but then get back into the real world.

15. Please quote one line from the movie Caddyshack.

It’s in the hole!