How Much Does it Cost?

Yard signs and newspaper ads aren’t cheap. I’ve seen what my competitors are doing, and I am impressed by their ability to spend money. Dollars are not votes, but every candidate wishes they had more of both.

I’m no different in regard to that desire. But I knew when I started I would have to make a campaign work on a shoestring. I could afford only a handful of yard signs. My literature is one-color, and we have been delivering it all by hand (Thanks, volunteers!). But still, I am confident that my ideas and our hard work can overcome my lack of fundraising connections.

With that said, what’s the bottom line?

As of the moment, I’ve spent $998.85. Most of that, over $600, has gone toward advertising. I’ve spent only $20.88 on administrative expenses.

The influence of money of City politics has been making headlines lately. Anyone curious about how much a candidate has raised and spent can look up the figures on Hennepin County’s website. According to the most recent report, the top-spending competitor in the First Ward race has paid out a hair under $9,600.

There’s a pre-election finance report due soon. Anyone concerned about money’s influence on politics might want to check those updated figures. You can see how much it does cost to try to become a Council Member. That info might influence your idea of how much a local election should cost.

As I said before, I wish I had more money. And I have plans to spend any contributions I might yet receive. But I am proud to have found a way to be an influential and legitimate contender without shoveling out a lot of cash. It’s a demonstration of my principle of responsibility that I want to bring to City Hall.