John Schulte for Mark Fox for City Council, Ward 1

I met Mark a little over five years ago when he was serving one of his terms as President of Audubon Neighborhood Association (ANA). It was a time when criminals were running rampant along Central Ave., Lowry Ave., Polk St., and many other parts of NE.

It happened during a block meeting that was organized because a husband and wife got jumped while walking to Walgreens by a gang of criminal girls that had been terrorizing the neighborhood for months.

It was at this meeting that I volunteered to start a walking group that eventually lead into the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP). Mark was the very first one that came up to me and said he would walk with me. This took guts because we had a lot of gang, prostitution and drug dealer activity in the area and everyone new some of them were violent. While others were complaining...Mark started doing.

For the last 5+ years I've been working with Mark, he has been an integral part of fixing up NE through the NECP, the Audubon Neighborhood Association, and various other City task forces affecting NE. He has been a steady participant in the NECP Problem Property Task Force that meets with Police and other City Officials each month, working to rid NE of problem people and slumlords.

When we were told the "first time" that the 2nd Precinct had to deal with a reduced staff because of the City budget, Mark made it his mission to study that to find waste. You'd be amazed where the $1.4 Billion Minneapolis budget goes...when they say there's not enough for staffing our police precinct.

His positive work has already affected every resident of NE in a positive way. And this was all volunteer work. I can only imagine the possibilities for NE when Mark is working full time for us as our Councilman.

If you want someone to stand up for you as a NE resident, someone that has logic and common sense, please join with me and help Mark Fox get elected.

Thank you.

—John Schulte