Mr. President, I Couldn’t Agree More

One of my policy ideas is to encourage volunteer groups that make our city work better. I see that as the best way to maintain our quality of life while keeping a lid on taxes. And, empowering volunteers creates engagement from the bottom up. People participate where they can make a difference on issues important to them.

President Obama agrees:

Calling public service "the essence of our liberty," President Barack Obama on Friday urged Americans to step up and volunteer in their communities.Speaking at a community service forum in Texas, Obama said there's only so much government can do in tackling the nation's problems.

"The need for action always exceeds the limits of government," Obama said. "While there's plenty that government can and must do ... there's a lot that government can't and shouldn't do and that's where active, engaged citizens come in."

I've led by example. As a neighborhood Board member and President, with the Northeast Citizen Patrol, and with the Northeast Lions Club, I have been an active volunteer making a difference for over a decade.