My Thoughts on Political Endorsements

Every political candidate has the opportunity to seek endorsements from parties, action committees and interest groups. You don’t have to find them; they find you. There are many advantages to winning organizational endorsements. Recognition, volunteer and technical support, and most of all, money.

I decided I would seek no organizational endorsements. Even from groups who are promoting issues close to my heart. It puts me at a disadvantage as a campaigner. I have to operate on a tiny budget, and learn a lot things that “connected” people already know.

But I believe it will make me a better Council Member. I will not owe any special interest any special consideration. I want everyone to feel they have access to their representative. I will not be “bought out” or “paid off”. I am in nobody’s pocket. Any person or group who has a concern should be heard, with all as equals.

I’m looking for the best ideas to get past problems or seize opportunities. I want to keep my mind open, always ready for a better argument, no matter where it comes from. All candidates, I hope, feel the same way. But money isn’t free.

I will accept personal endorsements. Person-to-person is the purest form of support. I am humbled every time someone tells me they’re behind me and my campaign. It’s not about money, it’s about faith.

I will also accept endorsements coming from organizations that are not political funders. Unfortunately, most of those groups are non-profits which cannot endorse candidates. That’s how it should be. But it is another disadvantage for me, since I have made so many friends over my years of volunteering for local non-profits.

At the local level at least, we could really take money out of politics. Minneapolis elections can and should be about people and their ideas, not about groupthink and favors. I hope I am setting an example with my stance against typical endorsements.

If you like where I’m coming from, I would love to post your personal endorsement or testimonial on my campaign website. Send it my way. I will be proud, humbled, and grateful.

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