A Word to the Voters of 1-7

The First Ward is not all Northeast. I know there are about 16 blocks—and around 165 homesteaders—in Southeast Como who deserve representation, too.

More than any other candidate in the race, and perhaps as much as any candidate in the city, I know how much it stinks to be ignored, forgotten, and dismissed. I want to bring the outside in. And that includes the 7th Precinct of the First Ward.

Political lines have put us together, but we’re from different neighborhoods. We can still work together. Every resident expects certain things from City Hall. Like good streets and enough cops to keep us safe. That’s what I mean by “Basics First!”

We're united not only by Ward boundaries, but also by the 2nd Police Precinct. That’s why the crime-fighting website I run is called “Eastside Defender”. Bad guys don’t follow lines on maps, so we have to look past them, too.

As I understand it, the top concern in Como is about livability. Absentee landlords and disrespectful tenants make it hard to keep faith in city living. Addressing these problems is a central part of my experience and expertise. I've been part of the Northeast Citizen Patrol’s problem property group since it began. We have solved over 30 properties.

I know how the system works, and learned how to get results. I’ve gone downtown to testify in support of an unruly assembly citation. I've put pressure on slumlords to either make their property safe or sell it to someone who will. And I know that sometimes a vacant lot is the best possible outcome.

After that, I’m not sure what the folks in 1-7 expect from their Council Member. I need you to tell me. And I’m willing to go to you and ask. We can arrange a monthly meeting in your neighborhood, if that’s helpful.

Finally, as one fellow requested at the end of the candidate forum this week, if I have the chance, I will vote to put your precinct in the 2nd Ward, where it belongs.

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